GIS Services & Solutions

Xekera Systems is a solutions focused company, offering a range of services including engineering services, product design , development, and GIS/Mapping solutions ( No LiDAR ) thru our partners GroundVu

We use Cameras & GPS sensors

  1. Rapid data outputs 360s
  2. Feature extraction
  3. 3D Mesh

DSM Change Detection

3D Point Cloud and Mesh

True Orthos

3D Features

  1. Digitized
  2. Bottom of pole
  3. Top of pole
  4. Tilt of pole
  5. Light positions

Triangulation of 3D
ObjectsOur custom tool for extracting 3D GIS feature: Does not require to process Point Clouds and 3D mesh

Campus Use Case

3D GIS Features
We have done thousand miles capture for:

  • Public works Street signs
  • Mapping
  • Utility poles
  • Telecom small cells

Sub Foot GIS features 3D features, XYZ plus attributes extracted from our scenes

Precise Measurements Enriched as attributes onto 3D GIS features

Overlaid 3d GIS features with labels to fly through in ArcGIS web scene 3D Visuals and Analysis:

  • Public Safety use cases
  • Wireless Line of Site (LoS ) Analysis

We do custom Ultra High Definition of:

  • Road Scanning
  • Fifth camera system
  • cm accuracy modeling