For throughput improvement, we provide a vast variety of automation solutions. This automation ranges from creating custom design flow automation in any corporate environment to verifying and validating processes for the DFX. Xekera covers more automation platforms, tools and languages than any standard automation solutions. Languages include Python, Javascript, .Net, C#, C/C++, Ruby, etc. on both Linux and Windows OS.

Product Test Automation

We bring to you both performance and cost-optimized solutions for smarter product test automation, deploying tools such as LabVIEW providing rapid access to hardware and data insights while covering a broad range of application areas.

EDA Tool Automation/DFX

We support a wide variety of design; DFM, testing tools and file formats. For better throughput and productivity, we write scripts and automate processes in Perl, Tcl/Tk, Python and C++.

Custom Process Flow Creation

We create custom process flows determining changes in the lifecycle as per your preferences. Our unique custom process flow determines the status flow of your product at each and every step, and we never miss out on any detail.

Hardware/Software Automation

Our automation tools allow you to perform repetitive testing at an easier and much accelerated time frame, saving your time and resources. We use agile automation tools such as LabVIEW to combine a complete software stack, tightly integrated with customized hardware.


We validate and verify your product design using tools such as LabVIEW while giving you the flexibility to test multiple applications and optimize the expenses of your test operations.


With our services, we go beyond merely communicating to ‘connecting’ with people.