Test & Compliance

For the successful launch of any product line, there is myriad set of testing coverage needed per project's requirements. Due to our strength in the design of core systems of hardware and firmware, we have the expertise to go deeper than the average test plan coverage. We write diagnostics tests, that include, product feature testing, end-to-end product functional testing, regression testing procedures, as well as full stack TCP/IP compliance testing. With our detailed approach, we try to minimize any risks involved in unforeseen product issues in the field, and save design re-spin costs.

Test Plan Creation

Before the launch of any product or solution, our engineers tend to perform a wide variety of tests to ensure the success of your idea before its launch. These test plans are created with an aim to go deeper than the average test plan coverage. In order to avoid any future risks inherent to your solution, our engineers aim to not only find bugs and rectify them but also reduce the development and maintenance costs, improve performance, and improve the user interface.

TCP/IP Protocol Compliance

Our network experts at Xekera ensure TCP/IP protocol compliance by vulnerability and robustness testing using advanced test suites bundled with flexibility, optimization and customization.

ATE & Product Test

With our inventive and state-of-the-art Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and product test solutions, you can cut your production, design, life-cycle and repair costs. We support both wafer and package level testing, and develop wafer sort program for ASIC, memory and analogic modules. We can cover for both standard and high speeds. We also help support the tester and prober selections for wafer level testing where the tester and handler selection is based on chip and specifications.

Compliance/Regression Testing

We tend to attain more by deploying as fewer resources as possible, providing maximum test coverage with a limited number of test cases using a minimum cost of assessment and risk. Our test engineers are well aware of when to terminate the testing after some potential risk has been detected.

Product Reliability Test

Engineers at Xekera ensure that your product's reliability is not at stake. We do this by performing a series of reliability tests, ensuring whether its quality and durability are consistent throughout its lifecycle. These tests are performed at both the design and production levels.


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