Hardware Design

Xekera offers an array of hardware design solutions. Our team masters in analog, digital, embedded and mix-signal design, as well as RF products. Our hardware design experience covers a broad spectrum of design solutions from consumer market to business and industrial solutions. Our unique methodical design approach distinguishes us, and provides tremendous confidence to our customers throughout the phases of hardware design and development.

Analog/Digital Product Design

We design systems and boards on analog circuits, digital circuits and hybrids of the two. We, with our best efforts, determine your critical requirements regarding the product design, and recommend the most appropriate solutions, be it analog, digital or mixed-signal electronics.

Embedded System Design

The large number and ever-increasing complexity of embedded systems call for a new design approach where the nerve center is on both, the deployment of high-level tools and hardware/software trade-offs. Fortunately, design engineers at Xekera master both these dimensions.

FPGA Design

Xekera’s design engineers know how to build top-notch FPGA designs. From using global routing resources to pipelining purely combinatorial functions, we know what is the best shot for a successful FPGA design.

IC Packaging & Board

We provide methodical and efficient design flows for IC packages and boards, with the goal of optimizing end-to-end; die-to-package and package-to-board connectivity, with the awareness of electrical, mechanical and thermal requirements.

Mechanical/Thermal Design

In order for your product idea to reach its maximum working potential, Xekera puts into action its best mechanical and thermal design engineers. We reduce the thermally associated risks inherent to power- packed electronic systems, manifested by compromised product design. Xekera promises to overcome these challenges by providing the most reliable design specifications for your product to stay in good shape.

Layout & Simulation

We provide a seamless integration of layout and simulation to match your end-product to your idea as identically as possible, ruling out all the possible glitches the idea may possess. Using the most advanced layout and simulation tools, we can confidently claim the yield of the most realistic layouts.


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