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Our Solutions

We care to think, create and send the best solutions and technologies,
deliver the best in-class package design and development solutions, and
tune all knobs to make sure maximum performance is delivered.

Product R&D Solutions

Equipped with the best-in-class skills, our highly competent engineers deliver cutting-edge, innovative system design solutions. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs, and turn them into...
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Hardware Design

Xekera offers an array of hardware design solutions. Our team masters in analog, digital, embedded and mix-signal design, as well as RF products. Our hardware design experience covers a broad spectrum of...
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Custom bootloaders, firmware development and device drivers are Xekera’s forte. Our competency in algorithm writing is unmatchable and hard to find. Our firmware gurus deliver images that are entirely...
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Test & Compliance

For the successful launch of any product line, there is myriad set of testing coverage needed per project's requirements. Due to our strength in the design of core systems of hardware and firmware, we have the...
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For throughput improvement, we provide a vast variety of automation solutions. This automation ranges from creating custom design flow automation in any corporate environment to verifying and validating...
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Offshore Services

Xekera has an offshore software office that provides large to medium and entrepreneurs and small enterprises with dedicated offshore software application development, maintenance and testing team...
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GIS Services & Solutions

Xekera's GIS service solution is key to discovering the answer to your "Where" questions. Xekera Systems in collaboration with our GIS Partner GeoCam(Formerly GroundVu) , pride ourselves in working with clients to understand, identify, and build solutions that help provide "Where" answers....
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With our services, we go beyond merely communicating to ‘connecting’ with people.

About Us

A Product Design and Development, Engineering and R&D Technology Company.

We provide great solutions and ideas

Xekera's charter is 'on demand' engineering services to enable mission-critical and first-level interconnect 'IC Packaging' and downstream support for board design and testing.

Our ascendancy, in our field of expertise from inventing R&D solutions to their automation, is a result of working with the best. Our team's collective experience, in the last 2 decades with the Silicon Valley tech leaders including Intel, Apple, Qualcomm, AMD, Sun Microsystems and HP, has helped us develop our expert systems and protocols to bring efficiencies in project delivery for our clients. Our highly dedicated engineers eagerly transform your ideas into turnkey product designs.

We transform your ideas into enterprise solutions, from designing boards and creating test plans, custom hardware development, board bringups and system level products with carefully analyzed mechanical and/or thermal product designs, we foster innovation, and we are capable to meet your requirements and expectations. We can also make improvements to your existing products and designs making them fully engineered for future prospects.

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